The Wedge

innovative, provocative, experimental theatre


Established in 1983, The Wedge has been the proving ground for some of the most innovative and dynamic theatre artists working today.  Serving as a home for our Lab Company and led by directors selected for the Drama League Summer Program, The Wedge produces provocative, cutting edge theatre.

Over the years it has produced original productions by some of our most exciting playwrights including: Kenny Finkle, Anne Washburn, Kathryn Walat, Gregory Moss, Caridad Svich and Lauren Yee.  The Wedge has also launched the directing careers of such theatrical ground-breakers as Michael Mayer, Mark Brokaw, Lisa Peterson, Rob Jess Roth, Sam Gold, Rachel Chavkin, Kevin Moriarty, and Joe Calarco.

NEW! 2021 Outdoor Wedge Performance Dates:

All Thursday-Fridays

5:30 PM and 15 minutes after each Mainstage show

Wedge 1

June 24-25

5:30 PM and Appx. 9:30 PM

Wedge 2

July 8-9

5:30 PM and Appx. 10:30 PM

Wedge 3

July 15-16

5:30 PM and Appx. 10:30 PM

Wedge 4

July 29-30

5:30 PM and Appx. 10:45 PM


Learn more about the Lab Company Here

Wedge production of Salome. Photo by Rachel Philipson