Stop Asian Hate

The Hangar Theatre is committed to being a place that welcomes and honors all individuals: diversity, inclusion, and equity figure prominently in our core values. We strongly condemn the recent upsurge of hate crimes against Asians and Asian Pacific Americans in the U.S.–who are our neighbors, our friends, and our artistic colleagues. We also deplore and grieve the unspeakable violence of the mass shootings in Atlanta, GA and Boulder, CO. The Hangar is dedicated to creating a safe environment where all can share a uniting experience of the arts. We pledge to continue to work to ensure that each individual’s presence is welcomed and valued at the Hangar.
We encourage you to support the following Asian American arts organizations, local and national, by donating to them and/or by purchasing tickets to their programs. Storytelling is a powerful medium; let’s ensure that a wide range of stories, depicting a diverse range of human experiences, continue to be shared with audiences.