The Electrics Shop is located under the house left seating section of the theatre.  Storage for all of the lighting needs (save the units themselves) is here, as well as the electrics repair facilities.  Most units are stored in the catwalks when not in use.  Most lighting positions over the audience are catwalk accessible and the rest of the positions are accessible via ladder and lift.  The Hangar is not a dimmer per circuit system and all circuits are hard patched to the dimmer racks.  The Hangar has a wide range of lighting units (Source 4 to PARS to Altman 360q to Fresnels), 8 Apollo ColorPro scrollers, 2 I-Cues and 2 DMX Irises.  The system is controlled by an ETC Ion.  A basic rep plot (which may be focused and channeled however the designer wishes) is hung as a starting point and then added to for each show.  Due to the changeover schedule, electricians will work an overnight call. The electrics department is responsible for any and all lighting for the shows, 18 in all.

Please direct any questions to Adam Zonder, Production Manager adam@hangartheatre.org.

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Internships are available in the electrics department.  To learn more about the internship program and to apply, click here.