Teaching Artists

Teaching Artists

  • Holly Adams

    Holly Adams has been a Teaching Artist at Sinatra School, Greater Hartford Academy of Arts, and the Hangar Theatre since 1995. She is SAG/AFTRA, a grad of Dell’Arte School, and holds a Master’s in Theatre, Education, and Social Change. She performs for stage, film, and audiobooks with Audible. You may see some of her work here and on her website.

  • Jan Nigro

    Jan Nigro is the co-founder and a songwriter for the nationally acclaimed young people chorus Vitamin L. He is also founder and director of The Mostly Motown Chorus. He has written music for National Geographic and Disney and is a guitar instructor on the faculty of the Community School Of Music and Art.

  • Camilla Shade

    Camilla Schade, a theatre artist for innumerable years, with the Hangar since 2003, freelances throughout the southern tier performing, directing, teaching and playwriting. She previously performed as graphic artist, theatre owner, company manager, and college adjunct professor in PA. She now conducts The Pathways Players in Corning, tours her solo show Performing Therapy, is publishing her play Emily Sticksenstones and lends her voice to radio.

  • John Simon

    John Simon is a musician with Project 4 and has been working in schools since the early ’70’s. Throughout his career John has worked with groups of children and young people as a youth worker, drug and alcohol counselor, and teacher– usually bringing music into the mix! His song written with students at Beverly J. Marting Elementary, “We Love Raw Veggies and Greens”, was featured on the Grammy Nominated CD, Good Enough to Eat (along with songs by Julian Lennon, Beck, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Tom Chapin and Russel Simmons).

  • Gabriella Patricia Carr

    Gabriella Patricia Carr is a recent graduate of Ithaca College’s Department of Theatre Arts with a concentration in musical theater direction and vocal coaching. Gabriella was previously based out of NYC, where she was a performance advisor with Broadway Artists Alliance and an assistant to Artistic Director Jeremy Quinn at The White Plains Performing Arts Center. Gabriella is now based out of the Ithaca, New York Greater Area. She is an Artistic Associate with Civic Ensemble as well as a teaching artist in residency with the Hangar Theatre and runs a private voice and acting studio in Ithaca.

  • Karen Stanley

    Karen Stanley is honored to be back at the Hangar Theatre offering a week-long puppetry class.  As a Next Generation alum herself, it’s fabulous to be back as a teacher.  Karen is a member of Kakeru Physical Theater Company, a company that specializes in clowning, mask work and other physical theater, and her most recent performances with Kakeru include Museum Trip, Raven Brings the Light to the People and How Loon Became a Water Bird.  For several years Karen was the assistant director for three Binghamton area performing programs- Peacetown Puppets, Mental Health Players and Ray of Sunshine Clown Therapy Program.  Karen graduated from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts where she studied acting, directing, playwrighting and stage management.

  • Michael Fambro

    Michael Fambro is delighted to be teaching at the Hangar Theatre. She was previously the Artistic Director with the WNY Performance Center, and now divides her time directing in the Rochester area, as well as doing sound design and stage management. She holds both a BA in Theater and Psychology from SUNY Geneseo, and has enjoyed teaching, directing and performing all over the country. Favorite directing credits include Clue, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and The Woman In Black. When she’s not found onstage, or backstage, she can usually be found reading, writing, or cooking up a storm!

  • Fatima Sowe

    Fatima Sowe is an Ithaca-born dancer, coach and choreographer. She received her dance training at the Armstrong School of Dance and is an engaged alumna of the Running to Places Theatre Company as a dance teacher and choreographer. She specializes in Tap, Hip-Hop and Contemporary Jazz styles.

  • Mike Stanley

    Mike Stanley has been a magician for 28 years. He is presently, and has been for 3 years, President of the Finger Lakes Magic Club Ring 140 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has performed magic all over the world, including numerous venues here in Ithaca. He has taught Magic at almost every school in this area, as well as at conventions. He has also founded, taught, and performed with a troupe of special young adults called “The Cayuga Wizards.”

  • Venissa Santi

    Venissa Santi – singer . composer . recording artist . educator, was born in Ithaca NY to Cuban parents. For a long time she was involved with Next Generation with the Hangar Theatre as a child and pursued every performance outlet in school. She then traveled to Philadelphia where she studied jazz voice. In 2001 her career as an educator began as a vocal and performance coach. In 2009 she released her first album Bienvenida a combination of jazz, and Cuban iconic songs along with some originals with fresh and innovative arrangements. In 2013 Big-Stuff Afro Cuban Holiday – a tribute to the great Lady Day came out, both albums on independent jazz label: Sunny Side records. Santi currently is based in Ithaca NY with her family and continues to teach, record, and play concerts locally and abroad. For the Hangar, Venissa has taught music for Project 4 and Next Gen, and has been the composer and music director for Spring Break-a-Leg since 2015.