The Costume Shop is located in a separate building right next door to the theatre (about 12’-0” away).  The shop is 2 floors, the first floor is the work floor (machines, cutting tables, ironing tables, and a fitting area) and the second floor is stock.  Wardrobe facilities (3 washers, 3 dryers, double bay sink) are located in the theatre building itself.  There are 3 dressing rooms (2 large ones that can seat up to 12 actors comfortably and 1 that can seat up to 3 actors comfortably).  On average, the costume shop will build approximately 20% of the summer’s costume and the rest are pulled/bought altered.  The costume shop is responsible for the costuming and maintenance of all of the shows each summer, 14 total.

Please direct any questions to Adam Zonder, Production Manager

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Internships are available in the costumes/wardrobe department.  To learn more about the internship program and to apply, click here.