Katie Marks (She/Her)

Katie Marks

After 20 years working with her dad in the Finger Lakes Wine and Hospitality industry, Community Partnerships and Social Media Coordinator Katie Marks is thrilled for her shift towards working with a non-profit organization that focuses on arts education, community involvement, and creative expression. With her business experience running Atwater Winery and then creating Graft Wine Bar in Watkins Glen, Katie knows partnerships are what makes a community move forward together and believes open-communication creates unlimited opportunities for all. Since joining the Hangar, she became a member of the Ithaca Rotary Club and looks forward to connecting in service both to the theatre and outreach to our community. Forever a lover of the Arts, Katie loves to create, drawing great inspiration from her home in the woods, playing music and singing, finding peace in nature, and believes the arts are essential for a balanced, enriched life.  She loves getting to use her creativity for social media and is very honored to represent the Hangar and all of its magic to the world. A kid at heart who knows the power of play, Katie can’t wait for the upcoming season and is especially excited to work with the innovative, passionate team at the Hangar that are so connected to creating joy for our community.