Virtual Summer FAQs

We understand you have questions, this is new to us too! If your question is not addressed below, please reach out to our Box Office for additional information 


Please Note: Tickets must be purchased by 7:00 PM EDT the day of the performance. 

How will I watch?

The performances will be livestreamed on YouTube. Ticket-holders and 2020 Subscribers will be emailed a unique viewing link and details for access, 2 hours before the show.

If you do not receive that link by 7 PM EDT, e-mail

For step-by-step instructions about how to watch on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV, click HERE.

What are the streaming requirements?

You will need an internet connection and access to YouTube. Download the YouTube app on a Smart TV, tablet or phone.

Do I need a YouTube account to watch?

No, you do not need an account to watch. However, if you’d like to live chat with special guests and actors before and after the show, make sure you create an account and are signed in for showtime! If you have a Gmail account, this will serve as your YouTube account.

It’s not the same without an audience; why would I want to watch at home?

No bathroom or concessions line! Grab a snack or beverage at your leisure. You can also talk during the show without being shushed.

Why are the Mainstage shows only on Saturdays and only one night?

We’ve opted for a Saturday night at our usual evening performance time (7:30 PM EDT) and encourage you to treat it as a fun weekend event.

However, due to special permissions from the playwrights and estates of these works, subscribers will have viewing access of the performance until the following Monday at midnight.

Will the lines be memorized?

You will not see any binders or scripts!

What production elements will you have? 

We will make sure every actor can be heard and is well lit. There will be light costuming & props.

How long are the shows?

The Skin of Our Teeth runs 2 hours with two 10 minute intermissions.

Uncommon Excerpts and Others runs 2 hours with a 10 minute intermission.

Queens Girl in the World runs 1.75 hours with a 10 minute intermission.

Honk Your Horn runs 2 hours with a 10 minute intermission.

Sense and Sensibility runs 2.25 hours with a 10 minute intermission.

Why are you doing a show that you planned to do live this summer (Queens Girl in the World)?

We are offering a sneak peek of the full production, which we hope to bring to the live stage in 2021. 

What about the rest of the original 2020 titles (Tiny Beautiful Things, Urinetown: the Musical, The Secret Garden, Outside Mullingar)?

We are hopeful that we will be able to produce these titles in 2021, but cannot confirm yet.

I already purchased a subscription, do I have access to these virtual offerings?

Existing subscriptions will automatically be rolled over to this new platform, granting access to these virtual experiences. We will also offer subscribers unique opportunities such as talk-backs, prologues, and behind-the-scenes events, just as we would in a live season. Subscribers have been sent a physical letter in the mail as well as email reminders and viewing links. If you have not been receiving these emails, please contact from your preferred email address.

What about KIDDSTUFF shows?

We will present 4 virtual performances crafted especially for young audiences on Saturday mornings throughout the summer. Our KIDDSTUFF series will be free and recorded, so you and your family can enjoy them endlessly! This summer we will present: Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Magic Paintbrush, and The Emperor’s New Clothes

Do I need to buy a ticket for each person if we live in the same house?

We are asking you to operate in good faith; we cannot monitor you, but nothing says “thank you” like a donation to the theatre!