The Wedge: This Is On Fire

June 27, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
This Is On Fire
Inspired by Chekhov’s Three Sisters and the times we are living in.
Devised by the 2020 Hangar Theatre Lab Company.
Dramaturgy by Sammy Bluth
Members of a chosen family grapple with their place in the world, navigating quarantine, relationships, racism and anti-racism, and their own sense of purpose. When the world as they’ve known it is set on fire, they all must reckon with their own culpability and what actions they will take moving forward.
About The Wedge: Established in 1983, The Wedge has been the proving ground for some of the most innovative and dynamic theatre artists working today. Serving as a home for our Lab Company and led by directors and alum selected for the Drama League Summer Program, The Wedge produces provocative, cutting edge theatre.
The event is completely free to attend. It will be live-streamed to the Hangar Theatre’s YouTube page.
Alex Setlow: Andrew
Audrey Fisher: Austin
Dan Hasty: John
Dionne Robinson: Dana
Jackie Kachadourian: Irina
Jasmine Wang: Jennifer
Jianing Zhao: Olga
Matt Kiesling: Martin
Michelle Reiss: Masha
Molly Bremer: Monica
Naomi Honig: Natasha
Sammy Bluth: Sarah
Zack Canonico: Hank
Amanda McRaven: Director
Gregory Lipson: Assistant Director
Jianing Zhao: Assistant Director
Kate Semmens: Assistant Director
Sammy Bluth: Dramaturg
Danita Lee: Costume Coordinator
Aerik Harbert:  Sound Designer
Kat Taylor: Stage Manager
Violet Moncavage: Assistant Stage Manager
Sierra Hoss: Assistant Stage Manager