The Wedge: The Bacchae 2.1

July 29-30
Event Series Event Series: The Wedge: The Bacchae 2.1
In 2021, The Wedge will take place outdoors at the Hangar Theatre, under the front tent. Advanced registration is required.


The Bacchae 2.1 by Charles Mee
Directed by Cara Hinh

July 29-30. 5:30 PM and appx. 10:45 PM.

Dionysus, the god of wine and parties, has arrived. Through Baccahic revelry, we examine the relationship between sexuality and power. The Bacchants open us up to their world of gender fluidity and queer expression that operates without the influence or want of the male gaze. The Bacchae asks us to radically embrace freedom by letting go of control.