September 1, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

On the evening of September 1, we will be lighting up the @hangartheatre exterior in red in solidarity with over 1500+ other performing arts centers across North America as part of #RedAlertRESTART

Please drive or stop by to show your support.

🚨Since the live events industry shutdown began in February…

🔺Over 12 Million People that were full time in the Events Industry are now Unemployed in the US.

🔺77% Of the people in the Live Events Industry have lost 100% of their Income

🔺96% of live events companies including our friends at @livenation and @aegpresents have cut up to 96% of their Staff.

🔺97% of 1099 and W2 Gig workers have lost their jobs.

🔺Countless small businesses (from venues to vendors) will close permanently before the next tour begins. The entertainment industry is the first industry shut down and the last one to restart during this pandemic.

We’re first out, last in.

And right now, we could all use a show.

Join DJ Washburn’s live virtual show that evening:

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