“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train and perform and be in the Lab Company this summer. I felt part of a true company and the program bridged the gap between the world and training of theatre students to that of theatre professionals (though we are always students)”
– Anna DeBlasio

“This was the SINGLE greatest decision I have made for my professional career so far. The Lab Company has given me the opportunity to push myself – both as an actor, and a person – to the greatest degree. I didn’t just learn about acting. I learned what it means to be an artist.”
– Anastas Varinos

“This summer has been my dream summer. From working with artists from a wide variety of backgrounds, to acting in so many insanely different shows, to flourishing under the mentorship of industry professionals who have taught me too many life lessons to count, I am walking away from this experience as an infinitely better artist, but more importantly, a better human. I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned this summer with me out into the real world.”
– Donovan Lockett

“Not only does the Hangar Theatre reside in a beautiful location with a great audience, but the experience of producing a show in less than 2 weeks is quite a rewarding experience for an actor looking to work in the industry. Working with different directors on a variety of shows while being able to strengthen your craft in class after 9 hours of rehearsal makes the Hangar unlike any other place.”
– Sara Matar