The FutureNow Festival

risk-taking, collaborative, timely experimental theatre
The FutureNow Festival will take place outdoors at the Hangar Theatre under the main tent from August 11-13.



Festival Seating is limited, and advanced registration is required.

Shows will be performed in rotation at 5:30PM, 8:00PM, and 10:00PM, with an Artist Reception & Picnic every night at 7:00PM.
Specific show schedules can be viewed below.


The Hangar is thrilled to offer a series of 3 FREE workshops on Saturday, 8/13 for community members as part of the Hangar Theatre Wedge: FutureNow Festival. 

No previous theatre experience is required, just curiosity, and an interest in trying something new!



Artists and Activists Panel: Climate Justice in Partnership

Date: Friday August 12th 4pm – 5pm

Location: Hangar Theatre Outdoor Stage

Panelists include:

Luis Aguirre-Torres, Director of Sustainability, Ithaca, NY.

Jeffrey Barken, 3rd Ward Representative on Ithaca’s Common Council and Liaison to Ithaca’s Green New Deal

Shirley Serotsky, Artistic Director, Hangar Theatre Company

Eden Lewis, Member, Sunrise Movement Ithaca

Sora Takahashi, Member, Sunrise Movement Ithaca

Raychel Ceciro, theatre artist and climate activist

Logan Gabrielle Schulman, theatre artist, FutureNow Directing Fellow

Emily Hartford, theatre artist, FutureNow Directing Fellow

  • 2022 CALENDAR

Learn more about the Lab Company Here

Learn more about Drama League Directing Fellows Here

  • Hangar Theatre Wedge History

    Established in 1983, The Wedge has been the proving ground for some of the most innovative and dynamic theatre artists working today.  Serving as a home for our Lab Company and led by directors selected by the Drama League Directing Fellowship program, The Wedge produces provocative, cutting edge theatre.

    In 2022, The Wedge was officially reintroduced to the Ithaca Community as the FutureNow Festival.

  • The FutureNow Festival Mission

    The Artistic Mission of the FutureNow Festival is to provide a theatrical laboratory for artists experimenting with creative identity, artistic leadership, and art in relation to systems of power in our precarious time. 

    Groundbreaking in form and function by reimagining the relationship between artist and institution, this director-produced festival exists to embrace risk-taking in artmaking and to catalyze collaboration among rising directors, designers, and performers.

    Over the years it has produced original productions by some of our most exciting playwrights including: Kenny Finkle, Anne Washburn, Kathryn Walat, Gregory Moss, Caridad Svich and Lauren Yee.  The Wedge has also launched the directing careers of such theatrical ground-breakers as Michael Mayer, Mark Brokaw, Lisa Peterson, Rob Jess Roth, Sam Gold, Rachel Chavkin, Kevin Moriarty, and Joe Calarco.

    This inaugural year, the FutureNow Festival will feature the work of The Drama League 2022-23 FutureNow Directing Fellows Emily Hartford, Andrew Coopman, and Logan Gabrielle Schulman along with theatre workshops, artist receptions, and community discussions throughout the festival weekend, August 11-13.